Conference GOSPODTRATEG – otoGOZ

On the 23rd September 2019 in the Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Technology the conference opening the project ‘GOSPOSTRATEG – otoGOZ’ took place. Its main theme was the actualization of the existing markers measuring the development of circular economy and the influence of said economy on the socio-economic advancement and also creating new ways of measurement.

The main aim of the conference was the presentation of the actions that have already been taken to create a system of measuring markers of the transformation into circular economy in Poland, and moreover the discussion among participants from the scientific, administrative and business worlds about topics connected with circular economy.

Among the speakers was the vice-chair of the Association, Ms Danuta Ciechańska, PhD, who delivered a presentation “Bioeconomy and its role in the development of circular economy in Poland’. During the presentation the main idea behind the state of bioeconomy in Poland and the direction of its development was discussed. Attention was brought to the dependencies between circular economy and bioeconomy and to the chances that bioeconomy provides for micro-, mezzo- and macroeconomic development. The interdisciplinary nature of this sector, which provides an opportunity for close cooperation of different branches based on KIS (Krajowe Inteligentne Specjalizacje - National Smart Specialisations) was also mentioned.

At the end the potential of bioeconomy in Poland was presented, while also stressing the role of the Bioeconomy Cluster Association in the integration of the scientific and economic environments in the pursuit of creating an ecosystem of innovations based on education, development of entrepreneurship and social communication.