Both enterprises and individuals may become a Member of the Bioeconomy Cluster Association.

1. Members of the Association are divided into
- normal members
- supporting members

2. Normal member of the Association may be either a natural person possessing a Polish citizenship or a foreigner without a place of residence on the Polish territory who:
- will put forward a recommendation of at least 2 normal members of the Association
- has a full legal capacity,
- enjoys full civil rights,
- identifies with the statutory goals of the Association,
- delivers a member declaration.

3. The admission of new members is carried out by the Board of Directors on the basis of a resolution which has been adopted no longer than two months after the submission of a declaration.

4. Normal members have the right to:
a. passive and active participation in the election to the Association authorities,
b. utilizing the output and all forms of activity of the Association,
c. participation in meetings organized by the Association,
d. present proposals concerning the activity of the Association.

5. Normal member of the Association is obligated to:
1) actively participate in the work of the Association and contribute to the realisation of its statutory goals,
2) obey the resolutions of the Statute and resolutions of the Association authorities,
3) regular and timely payment of membership fees.

6. Supporting member may be a legal person interested in the activities of the Association who has declared financial or material assistance for the Association. The legal person operates in the Association through their representative.

7. Supporting member is obligated to declare financial assistance for the realisation of the aims of the Association or to propose another form of aid, to be assessed by the Board of Directors of the Association.

8. Decision about admission of a Supporting member is made by the Board of Directors of the Association.

9. Supporting member has a right to participate in the activities of the Association, present proposals and postulates concerning the actions taken by the Association to the Association authorities.

10. Supporting member does not possess passive or active right to vote in the election of Association authorities.

11. Supporting member is obligated to fulfil the declared provisions, comply with the statute and Association authorities.

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